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Line Clearing


FT Seismic Support provides hand clearing, or “slashing” as it more commonly referred to, for most jobs that we are involved in the drilling of. All of our slashers are OSHA trained and certified along with being fully updated for First Aid and CPR skills.

Here at F.T., we strive to be known as "Avoidance Cutters." This refers to the act of avoiding standing trees, larger bushes, and providing a safer and less destructive trail for the drills to follow. The drills are about as wide as a person can reach from left to right without moving their feet. This makes slashing much more time efficient with less strain on the worker and less impact on the environment.

All Slashers are outfitted with OSHA approved chainsaw pants which provide full leg protection, unlike cutting chaps that do not provide full leg protection like the chainsaw pants do. Each Slasher, or "Crew Leader," as we call them, is required by F.T. to undergo a two-day Slasher training program which includes a written exam of learned knowledge as well as a comprehensive cutting test to promote good, safe cutting techniques.


* For a better looking line, clients will require that hand slashers follow behind mechanic mulchers, thus minimizing the environmental impact and ensuring the integrity of any private property.


* Most land owners don't mind the new trails, they just would like them to be clean and professional looking.